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The Tablets of Ur

The Tablets of Ur is a novel of heroism, personal sacrifice, strength, character, loyalty and the survival of two women alone. It recounts the terrifying journey of Ai’shah, and her favourite professor (Dr Cassandra), into the heart of the Taliban in Pakistan, just two years after 9/11. They are kidnapped in Dubai and taken to Quetta in Pakistan. From there, they attempt to escape. Set in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan The Tablets of Ur is an adventure of intrigue and passion. It demonstrates the eternal truth that people are people no matter where they live, how they dress, or what they believe. Learning to live in peace is a great challenge for all of us. Books can be ordered at the following links: Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Magic to MindfulnessMagic to Mindfulness A Pathway into Science Now on

One of the main characteristics of all the scientists researched, from Ancient Greeks to modern-day scientific explorers, is their ability to investigate a breadth of interests. They couple this with a desire to test ideas with whatever works; never mind if the question is from physics, chemistry, math or social science. The central aim of this book is to encourage young people to enter science with open minds and to enjoy the process. It is also to simplify the complexity of scientific research, theories, and methods to enhance understanding. Available from & from

Unauthorized Power a Textbook

Institutional racism, love of wealth, ignorance of others, and lack of understanding led to the shocking actions at Parihaka. These appalling actions reflected events carried out in the name of powerful governments throughout the world. ‘They’ were all-powerful. ‘They’ knew what was best for all. How are the indigenous peoples faring as a result? The statistics are no prize, but for some reason, culpability for having the highest imprisonment rates, lowest education, worst housing figures, and poorest health data rests with the indigenous. And yet, before large scale immigration to New Zealand, Maori were the most educated and most successful farming and business people in Aotearoa/New Zealand. What happened? Available on

A Fragile Strength (2nd Edition) – a novel

A Fragile Strength (2nd Edition), a novel, shows why the father becomes so heartless. It places events at Parihaka, New Zealand, within the international colonization processes of the 18th and 19th centuries. The main character is a nameless girl, who was at once both Māori and Pakeha. And yet, she is a misfit in both societies. The girl tries to understand, to learn to find ways to help while looking for a solution for her life difficulties. Available on

2. Titled_Lightning_11_4338375408The Shattered – a novel

This book is a social justice novel which takes us on a journey of discovery into the worlds of child sexual abuse and adult stalkers. A psychologist and his friends enter into a harrowing quest. A quest to reveal the truth and to hold the perpetrators, and those who protect them, to account. The friends are caught in an evil turmoil of events while trying to prove the children’s fantasy stories are real. Available on

Peril in Paradise – novel

Peril in Paradise, a mystery adventure novel about a graduate student who chooses to research in the peoples on a remote island group in the Pacific. A fellow student, who appears to have all the right connections, invites her to the island group. She quickly finds nothing is as it seems as she becomes immersed in intrigue and legend that could be life-threatening to both herself and others. She decides she must uncover whatever is happening, despite her research, to ensure her safe return to the United States. Available from

Power, Prejudice, Parihaka – a textbook

Power, Prejudice, Parihaka is a textbook written before the novel A Fragile Strength. The central theme is the history of events in New Zealand that culminated with the tragedy of the 6 November 1881. On this day armed constabulary entered a small Maori Village known as Parihaka Pa and forcibly arrested significant Maori leaders. The Maori leaders were involved in non-violent protests to retain their ancestral lands. The book aims to describe a model of colonization through the patterns of activities of the people involved. There is a second aim that perhaps through enhanced understanding of past events, peaceful relationships will develop in today’s world. Available from