Patricia Berwick in brief

• Is Widely published in non-fiction and academic journals;
• Has published historical books and social studies textbooks;
• Published her first novel in 2012 called A Fragile Strength. It has been well received by its readers.
• Published her second novel in 2014 called Peril and Paradise. Readers on have already asked for a sequel.
• Specializes in mystery/adventure novels set in fascinating places or in calamitous historical times.
• Is a widely travelled anthropologist/educationalist which provides a foundation for adventurous intrigue.

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Unauthorized Power, a story of bravery, creativity and pacifism in the face of determined colonization in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Comments from readers:
I started reading your book, Unauthorized Power, and even though it is a serious text for any academic purpose, I love your writing style as it infuses knowledge and faithful research with a personal and organic style.
Leona Wellington, 20/01/2020, NSW, Australia (formerly of the USA)

Unauthorized Power, a social history of Parihaka

After reading this book (Unauthorized Power) I feel the importance of knowing the history about mankind and also the importance to know both sides of every story, because unfortunately most of the stories which we hear about history are disturbing. When we talk about history automatically people picture about slavery, colonisation, the world war, Muslims and Jews. There are many untold good stories about mankind and this book is one of them. This book narrates how important the cultures are. The importance of tribes, families staying together and fighting for their rights. People tend to forget that we are a human race and the earth belongs to all of us, we have equal rights to live, but unfortunately, we are being labelled and recognized by the skin tone. I recommend this book. It is a positive read.

Radhwan Rizwan, 05/03/2020, UK (a Baluch, formerly of the UAE)
Unauthorized Power, a social history of Parihaka and A Fragile Strength
I have just finished reading your two books. I thought they were both excellent.
I was very impressed with the skilful way you put together such a wide range of material without bamboozling me! They were both easy to read and give such valuable insight to the background story of the Colonisation of the Taranaki region in particular, but also insights into the political mindsets of the times.
It’s a big story that needs to be understood by this generation as well. Your books will go a long way to do this, so I hope they will find their way into libraries everywhere.
Barry Struthers, 30/11/2019, Marlborough, New Zealand.