Patricia Berwick in brief

• Is Widely published in non-fiction and academic journals;
• Has published historical books and social studies textbooks;
• Published her first novel in 2012 called A Fragile Strength. It has been well received by its readers.
• Published her second novel in 2014 called Peril and Paradise. Readers on have already asked for a sequel.
• Specializes in mystery/adventure novels set in fascinating places or in calamitous historical times.
• Is a widely travelled anthropologist/educationalist which provides a foundation for adventurous intrigue.

Come on an exciting journey with us as you read Patricia’s novels

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Latest Book

Island of Secrets

Imagine a dangerous billionaire, a young anthropologist, and Fiji islanders entangled in a fight to prevent decimation of the world’s population.

A young anthropologist, Prudence Cardigan, her friend, Susan Entwhistle, and her Fijian friends eventually outfox this cruel self-obsessed man, but not before they encounter many challenging episodes. They do not do this alone. They have help from the Fijian, USA, and Chinese navies along with Prudence’s trader friend and others.

Patricia has excelled herself this time in a story of adventure and thrills.

A must for your vacation read away from life’s worries. It highlights the madness in our world today, but shows through cooperation even the worst can be overcome.
If you love thrillers, this is the action-packed adventure for you. Act now because it is still in pre-sale. Be the first in line before prices increase.

“I think it’s an amazing story. It teaches us that anything can happen anytime and anywhere. I think we should be more vigilant, especially with what’s going on in the world.” Radhwan Rizwan

Willow Wētā

Willow Wētā is little story about conservation and why it is critical to be kind to all creatures, not just those that appeal to us. It also has bullying as a theme.

Available from Kaipupu Sanctuary Shop in Picton, New Zealand and Amazon 

The Kiwi Who Could Only Say Keee, Keee, Keee

The Kiwi Who Could Only Say Keee, Keee, Keee is about learning to be kind when someone doesn’t speak clearly. It is also about conservation.
Available from Kaipupu Sanctuary Shop in Picton, New Zealand and Amazon