Patricia Berwick in brief

• Is Widely published in non-fiction and academic journals;
• Has published historical books and social studies textbooks;
• Published her first novel in 2012 called A Fragile Strength. It has been well received by its readers.
• Published her second novel in 2014 called Peril and Paradise. Readers on have already asked for a sequel.
• Specializes in mystery/adventure novels set in fascinating places or in calamitous historical times.
• Is a widely travelled anthropologist/educationalist which provides a foundation for adventurous intrigue.

Come on an exciting journey with us as you read Patricia’s novels

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Magic to Mindfulness
A Pathway into Science
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Magic to Mindfulness“The science says,” the news announcer speaks with authority; the listeners tune their ears, but what are they hearing and what does he mean? Is this piece of news more newsworthy ‘because the science says?’
A Pathway into Science
One of the main characteristics of all the scientists researched, from Ancient Greeks to modern-day scientific explorers, is their ability to investigate a breadth of interests. They couple this with a desire to test ideas with whatever works; never mind if the question is from physics, chemistry, math or social science.
Great scientists did not restrict their discoveries to methodologies or theories within a specific field. Most standards in education today do. What creativity is being lost just from this simple fact?
The central aim of the book is to encourage young people to enter science with open minds and to enjoy the process. Difficult concepts are explained by comic characters arguing together to clarify meaning. The biographies of famous scientists explore scientific methodology. An avatar ties all the biographies together.

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